Finca El Mirador / COSTA RICA
Finca El Mirador / COSTA RICA

There is no better place for your mind, body and spirit than the pure nature. Come and find yourself through relaxation, nature observing, meditation, healthy food, dance therapy, massage therapy, hiking, breathing fresh air and a nice diverse company to share about yourself. We are here to show you the beauty of this land, the people, the local tourism, the local products and much more. The purpose of your vacation is to gain more knowledge, about you and about the beauties of this country, and to enrich your life experience

The beauty of the landscape with its spectacular views over the Gulf of Nicoya, the different microclimates in short distances, the biodiversity, the different kind of birds, mammals and butterflies, the flora, the cloudforest in all its beauty, the natural reservation areas, the different kinds of adventure sports or the relaxing hiking and horseback riding through the mountains, all combines perfectly with the tico's hospitality

Welcome to Bungalows Finca El Mirador

Our small resort is located at the edge of the tropical rain-forest near of the small city of Miramar/Montes de Oro. Here in the pleasant climate of 640 m above sea level on the Pacific side you will have a splendit view to the Gulf of Nicoya, the port city Puntarenas and the cloud forest. Embeded in a tropic garden you  find 3 bungalows, swimmingpool and bbq-area. 


Bienvenidos a Bungalows Finca El Mirador
Arriba de Miramar/Montes de Oro a una altura de 640 m encuentra usted nuestro pequeño refugio al borde del bosque tropical. Desde aquí tiene una vista panorámica hacia el Golfo de Nicoya, la ciudad portuaria Puntarenas y el bosque nubloso. En un jardín tropical tenemos 3 cabinas, piscina y bbq-area.     


Willkommen in Bungalows Finca El Mirador 

Unsere kleine Ferienanlage, 7 km von Miramar/Montes de Oro entfernt, liegt auf 640 m Höhe mit angenehmen Klima. In einem tropischen Garten befinden sich 3 Ferienhäuser mit Pool, Grill- und Aussichtsplatz. Der Panoramablick auf den Golf von Nicoya, der Hafenstadt Puntarenas und den Nebelwald ist grandios. Von hier aus bieten sich viele Ausflüge an wie Wandern im Nebelwald, Besuch einer Kaffeeplantage, Reiten mit anschließendem Canopy, Baden und Surfen am 30 km entfernten Strand.



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